Welcome to BCPK!

Welcome back to school everyone! We're going to be working hard this fall semester. Hope you're ready to learn, jam, and have fun!

Want to train? Come on out!

If you would like to train, register for a jam, or find out more information about us check out our site!(Training Schedule below.)


Training Info:

  • 4 Practice Days a Week plus Jams
  • 3pm-6pm
  • St. Ignatius Statue Outside Higgins Hall
  • 25-30 members
  • Come learn Parkour and Freerunning techniques!
  • Weekly Jams in Boston

Back For a New Year!

Welcome to the fall semester everyone. A lot's going to be happening this year so remember to come to as many practices/events as possible to keep up to date! We'll be filming every day this year and putting out as many videos as possible, so the more you show up the more you'll get to show off! Remember to check out our social media sites as well:

Who We Are:

"Short for Boston College Parkour, BCPK is a group of individuals with varying levels of experience gathered together by two main attributes. Enrollment at Boston College and, more importantly, an interest in the arts of movement known as Parkour and Freerunning." 


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